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“These guys know what they are doing. They helped me with a knee issue that was a problem for years and I thought that the next step was a surgery! But after 6 weeks, my knee was as good as new… Scheduling appointments was extremely easy and people who work at the front desk are super friendly and helpful. Thank you, POST Physical Therapy, for your tremendous work.”


PT has done wonders for me and brought back enjoyment of movement! I had chronic low back issues for several years and delayed going to see a PT until another severe episode came. I went to see Elyse at POST and she is so knowledgeable and friendly – I would highly recommend Elyse to anyone looking for a physical therapist. We worked on stretching and strengthening areas to prevent/mitigate back pain. Elyse thoroughly explained any questions I had to help me better understand the reason behind each exercise we did. I’m so happy to report that I’ve been pain free since PT (even ran a half marathon pain free!). If my low back starts to feel achy or sensitive, I have the tools learned from PT to prevent low back pain.”

Annie Z.

“I started going to Post after getting pretty serious foot surgery, and I’ve been exclusively treated by Scott. It’s a great office–everyone who works there is helpful and accommodating, and they’re really good about scheduling, which is a big deal when you are going to appointments twice a week, like I was for many months. I’m down to once a week now and have seen a lot of improvement in my foot. It’s a slow process, but Scott has helped me regain flexibility and strength over time. I’d recommend Post PT to anyone looking for quality long term care!”

Tara M. 

Christina was so wonderful! I came in anxious about whether my ankle would heal or continue to be limited in range of motion and residual pain. She was incredibly comforting and helped me gain knowledge about the process of healing so I could be a better agent in the PT process. I highly recommend POST and her!”

Shelton O.

“Every one is treated according to their individual injury. There is no generic treatment for any patients! I have been to many Therapist in the past and have never had the same experience. The ladies at the reception are helpful and welcoming. I highly recommend you try Post Physical Therapy if you have an injury that is persistent.”

Shifteh V. 

“Olga is terrific! She’s been very helpful with my neck injuries. I feel very safe, they have good COVID-19 precautions in place.”

Birgit N.

“After spending two months in physical therapy on my neck and shoulders with little progress at a hospital based physical therapist, a friend suggested that I try Post physical therapy. I am improving every week. In fact, I was back at the gym within a week of starting with Post. After a two month hiatus, it feels great to be back. Thanks to the Post team!”

Taupe F. 


“I would give Post PT 6 stars if they were available. Brandon DeSouza made a huge difference in how I can conduct my daily activities. Less pain and a plan to become stronger. Highly recommend!”

Bill A.

“I had been dealing with an Achilles issue for about 5 months when a friend of mine recommended I see Christian at Post Brookline. Previously, I hadn’t been able to run, sprint, jump, or even power lift without pain. Within a matter of weeks, Christian had me back on my feet (literally and figuratively). He was efficient during our sessions, gave me an easy to follow plan for in-between, and has continued to give me progressions as I’ve healed. HIGHLY recommend!”

Ashley M.

I have been working with Rachel at POST PT in Brookline for a painful Achilles injury. Rachel has facilitated the healing of this injury in a short time. She is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, patient and professional. The pain has resolved and the flexibility has greatly improved in just two months. The staff at POST are incredibly organized, professional and efficient. They take care of everything with the insurance company and scheduling sessions. I have been extremely impressed by everyone at POST and recommend them highly.”

Rebecca B. 

“A big part of the guidance and support came from the manager Vanessa Connolly. I would like to share my thoughts on the service of Ms. Connolly, who contributed so much to the successful resolutions of my treatment. She is professionally adept, very helpful, and all her advice is always clear. She is caring, client-oriented and always follows through.
Based on my experiences, I recommended various people who are also happy with your Physical Therapy and Vanessa ‘s help. I will continue to recommend your Physical Therapy to my friends and relatives. Thank you again for having such a great employee as Ms. Connolly.”

Ella L.


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