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 If you haven’t been outside or communicated with that outside world at all today then you are safe from the awful ice the rest of us have had to deal with. Everyone else take a look at the tried and true ways to not end up having to come see us i.e. not fall on the ice.

Walk Like a Penguin

  • Wide Stance. Keeping feet wider than usual,giving you with an improved base, can provide a better chance of not falling. Like with surfing (oh remember when we could go to the beach!?) bending the knees in a slight crouch keeps a persons center of gravity more or less above the feet (keeping the center of gravity above the feet will always keep the body balanced). For some extra balance put your arms out to the sides (see Penguin pictured above).
  • Truffle Shuffle. If the wide stance way isn’t for you try keeping your feet about a foot apart and take small, shuffle like steps, having your feet end each step side by side.
  • Step by Step Doesn’t matter if you’re going up or down icy steps, check the handrail and remember to plant both feet on the step before moving to the next one.