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Credit Card Policy FAQs

Why are you changing your payment policy?

These changes help free up the practices administrative team and allow us to focus more on providing exceptional patient care.

What are the benefits to me?

Patients who have a credit card on file will not have to provide payment for their copay on the date of service, therefore, saving you valuable time.  If you provided an email address, a receipt will be emailed at the time of the charge.

Will I still receive a bill from POST Physical Therapy?

You will receive a statement from POST Physical Therapy. Insurance deductibles and coinsurances are not collected at the time of service, the claims need to process with your insurance then they return the claim to POST with the balance information. We then send you a statement which you can ask us to settle with the credit card you have on file. POST will attempt to contact you three times regarding any overdue balances before settling the balance with the credit card you provided. You will also receive a letter from your Insurance provider that explains how much of your office visit they pay and how much you pay. This a called an Explanation of Benefits or EOB. This letter will tell you exactly, according to your insurance coverage, how much of your bill is your responsibility and how much is your insurance providers.

Will I receive notification that my card has been run?

You will receive a receipt via email. POST can also provide you with a monthly or annual receipt of all payments for HSA and FSA purposes as well. 

What happens if my card is declined?

If the credit card we have on file for you changes, please notify us immediately by phone or email. It is not uncommon for people to change or cancel their credit cards for various reasons, including when a credit card expires. That is understandable.

We will request an updated credit card information or a different payment method.

What if there’s a mistake with my bill?

If there is a problem with your bill/claim and it is brought to our attention after your credit card payment processes, we will investigate it and if we owe you the money, we will refund it to the same card in a timely manner.

I don’t have a credit card or I want to use my HSA or FSA Card

We understand that there are legitimate reasons that you may not have a credit card. If this is the case, you are welcome to leave an HSA (Health Savings Account) or Flex Plan Card on File.

How can I be assured that my credit card information will remain safe?

We contract with the company “Bluefin” to process and store our credit card information. “Bluefin” is partnered with our secure software system that we currently use to store all our patient information. “Bluefin” is certified as a Level One Service Provider with the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) Data Security Standard. “Bluefin” will store your information on a secure and encrypted site, which will enable us to run bank card transactions on our computer system. Our employees will not have access to your bank card and only the last four digits of your bank card will be accessible for viewing through “Bluefin”. As you can see, this is a more secure system than the one currently in place.

I have always paid my bill on time. Why are you requesting my credit card information?

This policy has been put in place to simplify your patient experience. It will not only allow our providers to focus on patient care but will also benefit you by saving you the time of providing your card at each appointment to process the payment while you wait. In addition, it will reduce the time and cost of providing any refunds that may be due.

My insurance company told me that I am not to pay until I receive your bill.

We have thoroughly reviewed our contractual agreements with the insurance providers that we participate with to ensure that this service is in full compliance.

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