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Checking In

Due to COVID we are not utilizing our waiting rooms. We encourage new patients to complete the digital paperwork as soon as possible. Any documentation not provided before the appointment please have with you.  When you come to the clinic your Physical Therapist will meet you at the door at the start of your appointment.  Please call ahead of time to let the admin team know if there has been any changes to your contact or health insurance information. Co-pays will be processed using the credit card provided in the paperwork and encrypted to your file. (Read about the differences between copay’s and coinsurance). 

We strongly suggest that you contact your insurance provider  to verify your benefit information to determine the cost per session. Physical Therapy providers do no have access to the financial  agreement between a patient  and their  insurance company so we are unable to provide any financial information outside of a copay and a general estimate. Having  this information will allow you to know prior to coming to your appointment what you are financially responsible for.

Payments for any patient balance will automatically be processed using the credit card provided.  We use computer billing and are aware that sometimes errors do occur. Please call 508-422-0233 if you have a question about your bill. Majority of issues can be settled quickly and easily.. If you are having trouble paying your bill or unable to pay on the day you need to be seen, please explain the situation to us. Financial factors should never prevent anyone from receiving the care they need.

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