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If you made some New Year’s resolutions related to improving your health and fitness, don’t let go of them now! Spring is a great time to renew your focus on them and bring some fresh energy into your routines.

  1. Get Outside And Move Take advantage of spring’s warmer temps and longer days! Fit in a walk after dinner if your days begin early; it’s still light out. Walk an extra stop to the T on your commute. Head to one of the local reservoirs and enjoy the scenery. If you have an injury, talk to your therapist or trainer about the right level of activity for you. Otherwise, try for a minimum of 30 minutes, five days per week.


  1. Lighten Up Your Diet¬†Fuel your body with spring greens, lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs. No need to go all out with a trendy cleanses or strict “diet.” Instead, make your own 30-day experiment to minimize the processed food you eat and eliminate added sugars from your diet. Hit the farmers market for meal inspiration. Here in Brookline, the market remains open in the Coolidge Corner Arcade building on Sundays through June 1. After that, it moves outdoors to the Centre St. lot location on Thursdays. Need a delicious way to get some greens in? Replace your breakfast bagel or cereal with this green smoothie:


-One scoop of protein powder (I used vanilla whey protein)

-Large handful baby spinach

-Half a pear

-One-inch knob grated fresh ginger

-4-5 pieces frozen cut pineapple

-8 oz. Almond milk, unsweetened

-Handful of ice

Blend all ingredients until smooth and drink right away.


  1. Find A Physical Activity you truly like. The exercise you enjoy is the exercise you’ll do! Hate running? Get on your bike and chart a new ride. Yoga just not your thing? Start a strength training program. Make it more fun by working out with a friend, adding some new music to your playlist, charting your progress with a fitness app or tracker (Try MapMyRun or JeFit) or booking a complimentary Fitness Assessment to tailor your workout to your needs. Whatever it takes to get you moving, there is no “right” answer.

As always, we at POST are here to help you out and answer any questions you have about getting and staying fit. Happy spring! ~ Melissa Foley, Personal Trainer